Ganapati south indian kitchen

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Little Ganapati: Lockdown Pop Up

Shirley Babe Moore: (+91)

Selce Studio: products in progress

Shivinder: neorotectonics

Yuta Segawa: indian pottery

Tony Hayward: idol takeaways

Karin Hanlon: work on glass

Phoebe Mitchell

Debbie Manson + Hannah Murray:
Family Plastics

Mahatma Thali + Claire's Kitchen

A collaborative project between Manali Jagtap Nyheim and Ganapati South Indian Kitchen. The Mahatma Thali was inspired by Gandhi's 'ideal' diet for the Indian nation.

tintpitch Decorations

tintpitch decorations are created by Karin Hanlon and Pam Williams and can be seen in and around the restaurant. The designs are site specific, last for a few months at a time and change throughout the year.

Chance for Charlie: Radical Acts of Care

Hiroe Komai: Mirror Phase

Martin Smith

Mia Fernandes

Tony Hayward: 20 Pearls

Sara Willett: Psychidea

Jasleen Kaur: 100% Carpet

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